Hello, world!  / こんにちは, 世界!

English follows


私は、Hello, world!を見て何度も感動したことがある。新しく学ぶことが好きで、色々な入門書を読んでは出力していた頃が懐かしい。





Anyone who has ever learned to the program has probably written one.

I was impressed many times when I saw "Hello, world! I love to learn new things, and I miss the days when I used to read and output from various introductory books.

In the years since then, I have been away from programming in both my work and my free time, but in 2021, I will have a new opportunity to learn about IT technology.

In this notebook, I will write about what I have learned, mastered, experienced, and newly challenging.

Encounters with the new world enrich our lives.

I hope that this trivial output will benefit someone in the world.

Shoko Sato